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UK SMEs Are Owed £84 BILLION in R&D Tax Relief. 
Is Your Company One Of Them?
We can help your Company make a successful claim, typically within 30 days
The average claim value is £53,876*. This can be in the form of tax relief or cash back off HMRC! 
Get a FREE no-obligation review of your R&D Tax Claim today. Don't miss out on your entitlement! 
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Why Use Us..
A FREE no obligation initial review
We work with a highly experienced team of Chartered Tax Accountants who will review the merits of your claim for free. This is usually undertaken over the phone. We know time is in short supply and our years of experience limits this call to no more than 20 minutes.

The chartered accountants have a vast amount of experience with the R & D Tax Claim process. This ensures your actual claim is submitted correctly to HMRC first time round. Thus reducing the amount of queries raised by HMRC.
30 Day 
Years of experience, a productive workflow, along with an excellent relationship with HMRC, ensures all R&D Tax Relief claims are dealt with correctly and efficiently from start to finish.
National Coverage

The way in which HMRC handle R & D claims has evolved. The scale of operation, central checking processes and focus solely on all things related to R&D Tax credit claims; puts us in a strong position to give effective help to clients across the UK.
If you’re involved in the innovation of new or existing products or services, you may be eligible to make a claim.
We help companies across all sectors with claiming R&D relief, leaving them with more cash to re-invest into their business.
The team of Chartered Tax Advisers ensure you have a robust claim that identifies qualifying R&D and the associated costs.

They can assist in preparation of the R&D claims and submission of the claim to HM Revenue & Customs.

Your R&D Tax Relief Claim is handled carefully from start to finish. Resulting in a technical report which is submitted on your behalf to HMRC. This helps R&D Tax inspectors understand your work and approve the claim.
More about R & D Tax Relief
What is R & D Tax Relief?
R & D (Research and development) tax relief is a scheme funded by the government that rewards companies for investing in innovative projects. A wide range of UK companies are eligible for either a corporation tax reduction or better still a cash payment if they spend money on researching or developing an advance in their field. The reasons of such funding is to support growth and employment to promote further innovative projects.
Is Your Company Eligible 
For the purpose of tax credits, R&D must meet the HMRC - defined criteria that you are seeking to create an advance in the field of science or technology.
The claimant must also be overcoming scientific or technological uncertainty in order to achieve this. The R&D credit is focussed on scientific or technological development itself and so commercial activities should be excluded. 
How Much Your Company Could Claim
SMEs can claim back up to 33% on their R&D expenditure. This can be offset against corporation tax or received as a direct credit in cash from HMRC. 

An SME is regarded as a firm with fewer than 500 employees combined with a revenue of less than 100m euros or a balance sheet less than 86m euros.

*The average R & D Tax Relief Claim based on 2017 statistics for SMEs was £53,876

The average RDEC claim (greater than 500 staff and either more than €100 million turnover or €86 million gross assets) based on 2017 statistic was £272,881

The amount credit you can claim back depends upon a number of scenarios, some of which include:
  • Loss making companies can claim up to 33% back
  •  Profit making companies can claim up to 25% back
  •  Companies breaking even can claim up to 18% back
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